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Cost of Driving lessons

If you think driving lessons are expensive consider this.

Driving Examiners

The Driving Standards Agency currently charge £62 for a weekday driving test, £75 for Saturdays and weekdays after 4.30pm. For this you get an examiner with a clipboard for about 45 - 50 minutes.

Although the examiner is a highly qualified and expert driver, often a former driving instructor, the examiner is not responsible for your actions during the test.

The Driving Examiner expects you to provide a suitable, roadworthy and fully insured vehicle (usually your Driving Instructors car but you may use your own.). If the examiner is not satisfied with the condition of the vehicle (light not working, damage to tyre, no passenger head rest, etc.) the test will not be conducted and the test fee will not be refunded by the Driving Standards Agency.

Driving instructors

Your instructor will also be a highly qualified and expert driver. Your instructor is responsible for your actions whilst driving.

Your instructor will provide a reliable roadworthy and well maintained vehicle which is comprehensively insured for any driver regardless of age or experience. (Incidentally the typical hourly rate for the mechanics is £75 per hour.)

This table shows the average and maximum hourly rates for driving instructors currently registered with us.


Intensive Courses

Hourly Driving Lessons


£21.50 ph

£22.50 ph


£35.00 ph

£35.00 ph

Many factors affect the overall cost of learning to drive such as your age, any previous experience, whether you will be able to practise between lesson and where you live.

Studies by the Driving Standards Agency show that successful test candidates will have received about 40 hours of tuition. In our experience 30 hours is a minimum for a keen youngster with no previous experience.

After a two hour introductory driving lesson your instructor will be able to give you accurate advice and together you will be able to plan your future driving tuition.

In our opinion all driving instructors registered with intensive-driving.com offer great value for money.