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You are following a learner driver who stalls at a junction. You should  


immediately steer round them and drive on


stay very close behind and flash your headlights


be patient as you expect them to make mistakes


rev your engine if they take to long to restart

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You are driving along the motorway. It is raining. When following a lorry you should  


allow at least a two second gap


be aware of spray reducing your vision


move right and stay in the right hand lane


move left and drive on the hard shoulder


allow at least a four second gap

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Your mobile phone rings while you are driving. You should  


stop immediately


pull up at nearest kerb


pull up in a suitable place


answer it immediately

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You are driving past a line of parked cars and you see a ball bouncing out into the road ahead. What should you do?  


Slow down and be ready to stop for children or dogs?


Drive at the same speed sounding your horn


Stop and wave the children across to fetch their ball?


Drive at the same speed flashing your lights?

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A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you. You have to brake hard. You should  


flash your lights and show your annoyance


overtake as soon as possible


ignore the error and stay calm


sound your horn to show your annoyance

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Which of the following vehicles will use blue flashing lights?  


Motorway maintenance


Blood transfusion


Breakdown recovery


Police patrol


Bomb disposal

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What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and a slip road?  









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You are on a fast open road in good conditions. For safety, the distance between you and the vehicle in front should be  


a two-second time gap


2 metres


two car lengths


one car length

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What is the most common cause of skidding?  


Driver error


Wet roads


Worn tyres



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You get six penalty point within two years of passing your practial test. What will you have to do?  


Reapply for your provisional licence


Retake only the practical test


Retake only the theory test


Nothing. You need 12 points before you are banned from driving.


Retake both theory and practical tests

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Drinking any amount of alcohol is likely to  


increase the speed of your reactions


worsen your judgement of speed


slow down your reactions to hazards


improve your awareness of danger


give a false sense of confidence

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What shape is a stop sign at a junction?  

  Picture Picture
  Picture Picture
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What does this sign mean? Picture


Humpback bridge


Humps in the road


Soft verges


Uneven road

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Which of the following must be in good working order for your car to be roadworthy?  


The horn


The oil warning light


the temperature guage


The speedometer


The windscreen wipers


The windscreen washers

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At an accident a casualty is unconscious. Which of these should you check immediately?  








Broken bones



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Which of the following are most likely to waste fuel?  


Using the wrong grade of fuel


Using a different brands of fuel


Carrying unnecessary weight


A fitted, empty roof rack


Under inflated tyres


Reducing your speed

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At traffic lights, amber on its own means  


go if there are no pedestrians crossing


stop and wait at the line


prepare to go


go if the way is clear

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In very hot weather the road surface can become very hot. Which of the following will be most affected?  


Tyre grip


The exhaust




The suspension

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You are waiting at the end of the road to turn right. Your view is obstructred by parked cars. What should you do?  


Turn around immediately and find another junction to use


Move quickly to where you can see so you only block traffic from one direction


Wait for a pedestrian to let you know when it is safe to emerge


Stop then move forward slowly and carefully for a proper view.

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You are driving in town. Ahead of you is a bus at a bus stop. Which of the following should you do?  


Watch carefully for the sudden appearance of pedestrians


Be prepared to give way if the bus suddenly moves off


Pass the bus as quickly as possible


Continue at the same speed but sound your horn as a warning

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When first at the scene of an accident which of these should you do?  


Warn other traffic


Leave as soons as others arrive


Switch off all vehicle engines


Move injured people away from the vehicles


Call the emergency services


Move uninjured people away from the vehicles

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Which of these means end of dual carriageway?  

  Picture Picture
  Picture Picture
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Which of the following must you have to drive legally?  


A vehicle handbook


Breakdown cover


A valid tax disc displayed on your vehicle


Proper insurance cover


A vehicle service history


A valid driving licence with signature

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You are lost and on a busy road. What is the best thing to do?  


Turn into a side road where you can stop and look at a map


Check a map while keeping up with the traffic and looking out for signs


Ask a pedestrian when stopped at a traffic light


Shout to other drivers to ask the way

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At road junctions which of the following are most vulnerable?  




Lorry drivers






Car drivers

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Which sign means no stopping?  

  Picture Picture
  Picture Picture
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You are following a large goods vehicle. It signals left but steers to the right. You should  


Slow down and let the vehicle turn


Overtake on the left


Overtake on the right


Hold your speed and sound the horn

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Which of these must not use the motorway?  


Horse riders


Motorcycles over 50cc




Learner car drivers


Double decker buses


Farm tractors

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You are waiting at a level crossing. The train has passed but the lights keep flashing. What should you do?  


Telephone the signal operator using the phone at the crossing


Keep waiting


Get out of the car and investigate


Cross carefully looking out for trains

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Motor vehicles can harm the invironment. This has resulted in  


less use of electric vehicles


using up of natural resources


damage to buildings


Air pollution


less risk to health


improved public transport

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When about to overtake a motorcyclist which of these signs would make you take special care?  

  Picture Picture
  Picture Picture
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What is the national speed limit for cars and motorcycles on a three lane motorway?  




60 mph


50 mph


80 mph

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On the motorway the hard shoulder should be used  


only in an emergency


to rest when tired


to look at a map


to answer a mobile phone

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You are waiting to emerge left from a minor road. A large vehicle is approaching from the right. You have time to emerge, but you should wait. Why?  


The large vehicle can easily hide vehicles from the left


The large vehicle is difficult to steer in a straight line


The large vehicle can easily hide an overtaking vehicle


The large vehicle can turn suddenly

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Which or the following may apply when dealing with this hazard Picture


Use a low gear and drive slowly


Only enter if you are sure it is not too deep


Use a high gear to prevent wheel spin


Test your brakes on the other side


Use dipped headlights


It might be more difficult in winter

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Which sign means there is a double bend ahead?  

  Picture Picture
  Picture Picture
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Which of the following are hazards that motorcyclists present in queues of traffic?  


riding in single file


passing very close to you


filtering between lanes


cutting in just in front of you


riding with their headlight on dipped beam

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At night you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light. What does this mean?  


You are approaching roadworks


You are approaching an organised walk


You are approaching an accident blackspot


You are approaching a slow-moving vehicle

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By taking part in the Passplus scheme you will  


get cheaper road tax


widen your experience


be allowed to supervise a learner driver


improve your basic skills

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You see a horse and rider as you approach a roundabout. They are signalling right but keeping well to the left. You should  


proceed as normal


cut in front of them


keep close to them


stay well back

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Which of these apply when driving up a steep hill?  


You will slow down quicker


Higher gears will pull better


The steering will feel heavier


Overtaking is easier


The enqine will work harder to maintain speed

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Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be cause by faults in which of the following  


The accelerator


The gearbox


The suspension


Wheel alignment


The braking system


The exhaust system

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Overtaking is a major cause of collisions. In which of these situations should you not overtake?  


when travelling up a long hill


when approaching a junction


when your view of the road ahead is blocked


when in a one-way street


If you are about to turn left

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On a motorway, when can you use your hazard warning lights?  


When you have broken down on the hard shoulder


When the vehicle behind is too close


When towing another vehicle


When driving on the hard shoulder


When slowing down quickly because of danger ahead

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What does this sign mean? Picture


Local speed limit applies


No entry


No waiting on the carriageway


National speed limit applies

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You are approaching a red light at a puffin crossing. Pedestrians are on the crossing. The red light will stay on until  


the pedestrians have cleared the front of your car


the pedestrians have cleared the crossing


a vehicle approaches the crossing from the opposite direction


you start to edge forward onto the crossing

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What does this sign mean? Picture


End of cycle route


No cycling


Cycle parking


Cycle route ahead

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Which sign tells you that pedestrians may be walking in the road because there is no pavement?  

  Picture Picture
  Picture Picture
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To supervise a learner driver you must  


Have held a full driving licence for at least three years


be an approved driving instructor


be an advanced driver


be at least 21 years old

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When should you stop on a motorway?  


When told to by a Highways Agency Traffic Officer


If you are tired and need a rest


If red lights show above every lane


When you need to answer your mobile phone


When you need to read a map


When told to stop by the Police

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